Top 5 new features on WhatsApp worth trying

And how to use them!

WhatsApp has rapidly become our tool for everything messenger related. Gone are the days of mere texting, from voice and video calls to status and polls, the app has truly evolved into what's best in all its various competitors. Here are some of the best new features to try out to make your work and life a smidge easier. You may have missed a few among the various new features and ongoing updates, so don’t worry, we will explain how to get to them too!

1) The new Self Chat feature

Most of us have been guilty of creating a WhatsApp group, just to kick everyone out and have a nice private place to dump our thoughts and tons of media. Well, this long convoluted life hack has been simplified thanks to the new ‘Message Yourself’ feature that enables you to send messages, links, voice notes and media to yourself as a reminder, a way to move things from one device to another or simply for safekeeping because using the Notes app, just isn’t bougie enough!

How to use it?

Go to the “Chats” screen, and tap the new chat icon. You should appear as the first contact on the list, select it and get texting.

2) WhatsApp Polls

WhatsApp Polls is one of the newer features that enables you to create a set of options to settle all your daily disputes. Simply create one and send it on a group or personal chat to finally come to a consensus, no matter how silly or important the topic of conversation is. Every member can cast their votes by choosing single or multiple options related to the matter at hand. This feature will effectively put an end to all the confusion when it comes to life-threatening situations like picking a restaurant with your hangry friends.

How to use it?

Open WhatsApp on your device, go to an individual or group chat, click the attach button and choose the Poll option. You can now ask a question and add up to 12 response options.

3) Quick reactions

Let’s get one thing straight. Not every message deserves a response. That said, leaving people on read is a thing of the past. So much like that existential smiley face (you know the one), WhatsApp has found a middle ground to end every conversation. Quick reactions allow you to share your feelings about a message or story through the use of any emoji of your choosing much like its Meta counterparts. This will definitely reduce the spammy use of emojis in groups without losing the sentiment. So get started on ending those unending conversations with the simple use of a random emoji!

How to use it?

Click on the little smiley face that appears near the message on the Web or the desktop App, or hold down a message till the emojis appear on your phone.

4) Call Links

WhatsApp is rolling with the times and Call Links have been a sensible way to evolve. Much like Zoom and Google Meet, you can now create, schedule and send call links for audio and video calls. It can even be sent to someone outside of WhatsApp, provided they have the app installed.

How to use it?

You should find the ‘Create Call Link’ option at the top of your call logs page.

5) Chat Filters

Avoid the clutter and stop using the “I didn’t see your message” excuse. WhatsApp has now added a chat filter for both WhatsApp Web and the desktop app. By filtering out the read messages you have easy access to the unread ones, allowing you to not miss any vital information. 

How to use it?

Simply tap the filter icon near the search bar to enable and disable the feature.