Top six new updates for Google Pixel 7 series

To make your smartphone smarter!

At this moment in time if there is a smartphone that can truly stand a chance against the mighty iPhones it's the Pixel clan. Be it the design, built quality, features or optics, Google has undoubtedly done a pretty neat job with this year’s Pixel series. And even though Apple has been making iPhones longer than Google there is not much gap when it comes to excellence.

Tis’ a good day today because the Pixel smartphones are about to get better with the new feature drop. Touted as one of the brand’s biggest drops to date, the updated features can sure make your life a bit easier. Here’s a list of what’s new.

1) Safer Surfing

What’s the one thing that scares us all? Before you start guessing, we have the answer. It’s a violation of our privacy on the web, even more so because it's not in our hands to protect it but it definitely is in Google’s hands. The latest Pixel 7 and 7 Pro now include VPN by Google One so your online activity is safeguarded at the network level irrespective of what app or browser you’re using. The VPN by Google One is designed to basically ensure that your network traffic isn’t tied to your identity. So be ready to bask in an extra layer of online protection.

2) The novel unified security and privacy settings

Probably ensuring secure browsing isn’t enough so Google made sure you are able to keep an eye on what’s going on. You can review your status on a unified platform for information about privacy settings and risk levels making it easier to protect the device, accounts and passwords. This includes new action cards that not only notify of security risks or breaches but also suggest easy steps to enhance privacy and security.

3) Better voice from the other end

With this new update, you would require lesser use for the phrase - I beg your pardon because the new clear calling feature will ensure that the caller’s voice is enhanced and background noise is reduced. Thanks to Tensor G2, you will now hear all instructions clearly even in noisy situations (given the person on the other end has clarity bout what they’re saying).

4) Keep track of who said what

There are now speaker labels when you record and transcribe a conversation in English with a Pixel 6 or newer. The smart Recorder app will identify and label each speaker and insert line breaks when the speaker changes. So basically all interviews, meetings, lectures or conversations with each person can be recorded and labelled individually. How’s this possible, you think? Well, it’s machine learning and we can’t question the omnipotent, right? 

5) Customize in sync with your style

There are three new Curated Culture wallpapers for the International Day of People with Disabilities. Inspired by real-life interactions and stories, the Illustrations are by author and poet Morgan Harper Nichols. And, there is also a new Live Bloom wallpaper collection that brings the Pixel screen to life with images that shift and sway when the device moves.

6) The extra ones

The Digital car key: This is an already existing feature that lets you lock, unlock and start a compatible car using the phone but now you can also share access to your vehicle with your friends by sharing the digital car key. The Grammar Check on Gboard is now also available in French, in addition to Spanish and English. Then there is Live Translate which would help translate texts in the messaging apps (both sent and received) into five more languages - Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Vietnamese and Danish.