Vietnam Photo Album: Shot on the Vivo X90 Pro

The joys of smartphone photography

Vivo’s X90 Pro has one of the best smartphone cameras in the market right now. There’s a full debate we can have as to how Apple has more realistic tones, Samsung has more details and Xiaomi has more features but even if these brands are competing with each other to fit a 6in smart device in your pocket, inevitably you’ll get what best suits your need and for the photographer in you, the Vivo X90 Pro offers quality above all else. We scurried across Vietnam with a Vivo X90 Pro and the shots that came out were mesmerizing enough to put into a photo album. 

That said, the lighting in Vietnam played a bigger role in keeping the Vivo’s contrast and imagery drool worth. It was overcast with soft lighting and no shadows. Perfect for portraits, eh?

Ultrawide shot with a small peering white light through the crevices of the caves of Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Ultrawide shot with only a single source of piercing white light through the crevices of the caves of Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

The streets of Hanoi at night have excellent street lighting for photography. This photo has the Green Orange filter from the Vivo X90 Pro gallery editor.

The macro mode on the Vivo X90 Pro’s ultrawide camera is one of the best in the business. No edit or colour correction here.

You may not need a DSLR if you have a capable smartphone camera to do portrait shots.

The X90 Pro shines the best in low light conditions.

Autofocus and fast shutter speed are essential to capture happy moments.

Even if you shoot in jpg, the Zeiss Natural Colour provides plenty of headroom to adjust and edit colour tones later.

Portraits are a dog’s best friend…


The collab with Zeiss also brings various bokeh effects if you have an appropriate background for it to flex.

Look to this camera for perfectly judged noise reduction. This is slightly edited using the editing tools in the gallery app.

Macro like never before.

Selfie camera is punchy, colourful and has good detail.