Vivo’s pure trait: why the Vivo V29 series takes the best portraits

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Vivo is determined to take portrait photography to the next level with the Vivo V29 series sporting a 50MP OIS Night Camera aided by a Smart Aura Light with customisable output.

The Vivo V29 series comes wrapped in refreshing finishes, Himalayan Blue, Majestic Red, and Space Black. Vivo uses 3D particle technology in the Himalayan Blue variant, a first in India. Whether you choose the snow-capped peaks or the mysterious deep spaces in the universe, the sparkling dusty waves exhibit a subtle show of sophistication that instantly turns heads. 

An ultra-slim 0.746cm design and a lightweight 188g (V29 Pro) and 186g (V29) body design ensure a comfortable grip, while a 3D curved display accentuates the ultra-slim form factor. A 2.4mm narrow frame further adds a streamlined and elegant appearance. 

Tech that thrills

The 1.5K AMOLED display makes visuals come alive with vivid colours, outstanding contrast and overwhelming clarity. Powering the device are flagship processors that offer incredible efficiency and superlative performance.

Powering the devices are MediaTek and Snapdragon flagship-grade processors with up to 12GB of RAM for those resource-hungry games, along with 256GB of internal memory for all your high-res images. Extended RAM 3.0 lets you use up to 8GB of memory as virtual RAM. Up to 36 apps can be kept active in the background without significant lag.

A powerful professional-level smartphone requires a robust cooling solution, and the Vivo V29 series uses an ultra-large Vapour Chamber Bionic Cooling System, which quickly and efficiently dissipates heat. Now your intense gaming, live streaming and filming sessions can go on uninterrupted. 4600mAh batteries keep the devices powered on for long, while the included 80W charger ensures fast refills when required.

Understanding your Vivo’s viewfinder

Night mode styles

Whoever said nights are dark, haven’t seen the colourful Style options in the Vivo V29 series’ Night mode. Brighten up your night-time escapades with extensive image styles within the Night mode.

The Styles range from Black and Gold for brightly-lit skyscapes to textured Black and White to enhance the patterns and forms in the night. Then there are others like Dreamy Spotlight for a dreamy effect and Cyberpunk for those who want to capture that dazzling party atmosphere.


Portrait styles

Turn your friends into models with distinctive styles for every mood. Shallow depth-of-field and bokeh effects are not the only special effects possible with this smartphone. These styles are devised to impress everyone.

From classic styles like Soft Light Film, Wedding and Low-light Portrait to funky themes such as Pop Art and French Impressions, these are sure to impart an expert professional touch to your portraits with optimal use of the unique Aura ring light.

Smart Aura Light

Portrait lighting is complicated, or that’s what we all have heard so far. Regular flash being a point source can render portraits with harsh shadows. Enter the Smart Aura Light on the Vivo V29 series. With a unique ring shape and wide spread, it produces a soft and pleasing light that fills shadows and provides a professional feel.

The colour temperature can be adjusted from warm to cool, offering precise control for warm and cold scenes. And cold here is not blue, but white light for optimum rendition. 

Borders to finish

An apt border can enhance the quality of your images when posted on social media or included in photo albums. The Vivo V29 series offers a wide choice of borders and frames to suit every situation, depending on how you want to present the image. The frames and text can be customised as per your taste while editing a photograph.

Apart from Vivo borders that offer a choice of text alignment options along with the Vivo logo, you get general themes to go with your content, complete with text and geometric frames.

Taking Portraits

Honed to perfection, the Portrait mode never misses and if you have two subjects, the Vivo V29 series will make sure the Portrait works on as many as you can bring! 

The sun star

The way you position your subject in sunlit conditions will change how your portraits will look. The best trick is to hold your palm up and watch the shadows on your hand as you move it towards and away from the sun to understand which angle suits best for your portrait shot.

Smart Aura Light

The greatest tool on the Vivo V29 series is the Smart Aura Light which throws a 360-degree even lighting. It’s capable of moving from warm to really cool colour temperature to adjust lighting conditions according to your taste and the scene!  

Honestly, you don’t even need to be a pro photographer to get pro-level shots on the Vivo V29 series. This Smart Aura Light is 36% brighter and it’s a soft light so there are no harsh shadows or overblown skin tones when you use this.

Of course you can manually adjust the colour temperature of the Smart Aura Light but you can also give the control over to Vivo V29 series on Auto mode  and the smartphone will judge the best colour temperature needed to take the best shot.

Compared to the regular flash, the Smart Aura Light throws an even and softer light which makes your subject look perfect in any lighting condition, especially when you’re in a club with harsh coloured lights everywhere.


Do more in post!

There’s so much room to play around with the Bokeh modes in the viewfinder. Additionally, you can add spectacular Wedding Portrait LUTs and filters too.

Vivo Albums: Dive in a little and you’ll find a massive suite of editing tools within the Vivo V29 series’ Album app. The Edit button should take you to borders which give your photo’s an appealing touch. Even Light effects are available to fine tune the mood and effects of your photographs. These are over and above the basics and filters so try it!

Vintage film: In the Portrait mode, the viewfinder will offer unique styles to capture the moment with your loved ones. The sheer variety of styles for the Portrait mode on the Vivo V29 series is mind blowing. This Vintage film effect offers unique contrast with film-like grain effect that adds a mood which is very tastefully done.


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