Xiaomi’s Mi Band 8 can be used as a pendant

Use it as you please!

Xiaomi's latest launch event brought a few new gadgets to keep us tamed but among these, the Mi Band 8 was definitely the most affordable little device. This little fitness tracker may have a familiar design but it's got some exciting new features that have everyone talking (and sweating).

Now, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this wearable wonder, let's talk price. The standard Mi Band 8 will set you back roughly ₹2,975. But if you're feeling fancy and want the NFC variant, that'll cost you about ₹3,575. 

But enough about money, let's get to the good stuff. The Mi Band 8 has a familiar pill-shaped design which is synonymous with the Mi Bands, sporting a metallic texture, available in black or gold. But the real fashion statement comes from all the ways you can wear it - as a pendant, a bean-shaped activity pill on your shoe laces, and who knows what else? It may seem strange at first, but who knows, it could become a new fad among the masses. After all they claim the possibilities are endless! 

The display is a 1.62in AMOLED touchscreen with a selection of over 200 watch faces to choose from. Some watch faces even let you play games! Who needs a phone or a console when you've got a tiny screen on your wrist?

Of course, the Mi Band 8 is still a fitness tracker at heart, with 150+ sports modes and all the health tracking features you could ask for. As for the battery life? It claims to promise a cool 16 days on a single charge, or 6 days if you keep the always-on display enabled. And don't worry about charging taking too long - you can fully charge the 190mAh battery in just an hour.