​​Parle Products, IBM collaborate to drive digital transformation using cloud and AI

The reign of AI

IBM announced the expansion of its collaboration with Parle Products to further the company’s digital transformation journey by deploying cloud and AI for business solutions through the course of engagement. Parle was able to reduce sourcing cost, enhance sales forecast accuracy, lower cost to serve and optimise overall IT infrastructure.

In the latest phase of the engagement, IBM Consulting is also collaborating with Microsoft to implement the Azure Databricks Lakehouse, AI engine for Auto Replenishment and SAP Ariba solutions at Parle. By helping Parle better leverage Azure platform for data insights, IBM Consulting is helping the company realise even greater operational resilience, agility, and scalability.

Across the various phases of the engagement, Parle also leveraged IBM’s leading security and industry expertise to drive growth. The enterprise-wide transformation is revamping the operations at Parle to encompass a spectrum of business functions.