5 new features coming to the PlayStation 5 in 2023

Grab your controllers and dive into a world of gaming fun

Dear PlayStation fans, Sony's brand new PS5 system software beta is here, and it's packed with improvements! Starting today, selected participants are getting their hands on this beta build. The beta includes enhancements related to accessibility, audio, and the user interface. 

1) Assist controller

First off, now you can use a second PS5 controller as an assist device for the first one. So basically you can help out a friend in need by navigating them through tricky game sections or lend a hand with menu navigation.

To use an assist controller, go to [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Controllers] > [Use Second Controller for Assistance], and then turn on [Use Assist Controller].

You can use an assist controller when your main controller is a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller or a PS5-supported third-party controller.

2) Haptics for UI navigation

Secondly, navigating menus gets a whole lot more interactive. With the new update, you can turn on the DualSense controller's haptic feedback while you're browsing through menus. Feel that satisfying buzz when you hit the end of a menu or check a box - after all, it's all about that immersive experience! 

To turn on this feature, go to [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Controllers], and then turn on [Haptic Feedback During Console Navigation].

3) Dolby Atmos-supported devices

Here's a treat for Dolby Atmos users! If you've got a Dolby Atmos-enabled device, you can now crank up the audio immersion in the PS5 game. PlayStation 5’s 3D Audio is powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech which can now specifically render to the Dolby Atmos audio devices in use and utilise overhead channels too. Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices such as soundbars, TVs and home theatre systems are supported.

4) Mute the beep sound

Ever wanted to sneak a game of FIFA late at night but your significant other has bat-like hearing even in their sleep? Well, now you can mute or adjust the volume of the PS5’s start-up beep sound when turning it on or off, or putting it in rest mode. PlayStation just solved an entire meme-worthy problem with one update.

Go to [Settings] > [System] > [Beep Sound].

To adjust the beep sound volume, select [Volume].

To mute the beep sound, turn on [Mute Beep Sound].

5) Support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs

Is that PlayStation subscription spoiling you? Ah, well you can now use an M.2 SSD with a maximum capacity of 8TB (up from the previous 4TB limit) to expand storage space on your PS5 console.

Other stuff

The PS5 system software beta also gets several social features. The party UI makes it even easier to connect with your friends. You can now invite a player into a closed party without automatically adding the player to the group or creating a new group. Additionally, players can now send open or closed-party invitations to groups instead of only individual players. Plus, there's a cool addition where you can preview images of shared screens, so you can see what everyone's up to before actually jumping in. Speaking of joining friends, you can now do it right from your PS5's menu. Just jump into activities with your buddies in a snap!

The new search function will help you find anything in a jiffy. The Game Help cards got an upgrade too. Now they include more useful info, like completed activities, and an expanded info window to make your gaming experience even smoother.