Act now, gamers! Sony's hiking up those PS Plus subscription prices

Ready to pay more for that extra 'Plus?

Sony's bumping up the prices for all PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions across all tiers starting September 6. So, if you've been thinking about snagging a subscription, now might just be the moment!

The hike is not revealed in INR yet but to get an idea, the base PS Plus Essential plan will go from its current $60 (about ₹4,959) to a new $79.99 (about ₹6,611) for a year's worth of gaming goodness, that’s around 30%. Right now, a yearly PS Plus Essential plan sets you back ₹2,999 in the country so you can do the math (remember this is only approximately still). 

In a PlayStation Blog post, Sony said “This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service.” As per revised price chart, the PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription will cost you $79.99, the Extra 12-Month Subscription will cost you $134.99 USD and Premium will cost you $159.99 USD. 

Sony's current 12-month subscribers! You won't feel the pinch of this price hike until your next renewal date, which kicks in on or after November 6. And if you decide to make any changes to your membership, like upgrades, downgrades, or adding more time, starting from September 6, your plan will shift to the new prices. So, it's time to choose already