Amazon Echo Auto brings AI to your car and teams up with BMW

The perfect passenger

Wouldn’t it be great if you could step into your car and just tell Alexa to take you to work. She already does most things for you anyway. Well, life isn’t all that easy just yet, but the new Echo Auto is still pretty cool. 

With a slimmer design and a new adhesive mount, you can now place the device easily anywhere in your car. The device is built with five microphones to hear your voice over all that EDM or Taylor Swift, we don’t judge your taste (unless it’s EDM). With Echo Auto, you can add Alexa to your car to listen to music, make calls, and even get roadside assistance hands-free when you run into vehicle trouble, basically working as your assistant/co-passenger (except, less demanding). 

In an emergency you can just tell her to “Call Roadside Assistance” and you will be instantly connected to an agent who can request help on your behalf. All steps hereafter, including rescue missions, will come out of your pocket though!

Keep your eyes peeled for the built-in Alexa support on future BMW vehicles, courtesy of the partnership between the tech and automobile giants. For now, you can get your hands on or rather hands-free of the device for $54.99 (₹4,500 approx.)