Amazon’s Echo Pop is an entry-level smart speaker with a pop of colour

Go on grab a pop!

Meet Amazon’s new Echo Pop, a speaker that seems like it's straight out of a crazy kitchen experiment. Imagine someone gleefully taking a meat cleaver to an Echo Dot, and voila! You've got the new Echo Pop. And it's like Amazon decided to sprinkle some extra pizzazz into the world of smart speakers as the Pop comes in some pretty funky shades including charcoal, lavender, white and teal colours.

The fabulously jaunty Echo Pop has strutted as the entry-level smart speaker in the Alexa-powered gang. It comes packed with all the must-have features you'd expect from an Echo speaker just as a voice-controlled wizard that can jive to your favourite tunes, boss around your smart home gadgets, remind you when the cookies are done, and even jot down your urgent need for eggs in the shopping list.

Also the Echo Pop shares the same snazzy Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor as its big brother, the Echo Show 15. Plus, with future AI upgrades coming to Alexa, expect this pint-sized wonder to constantly surprise you with its newfound smarts. The front-firing Echo Pop speaker is priced at $40 (₹3,302).