Ambrane MiniVac 01 is a portable cordless vacuum cleaner for ₹1499

Eat, sleep, clean, repeat!

Fun question: what's that one thing that you can keep doing and doing, yet it never seems to reach an end? It is cleaning! A relentless endeavour that seems to thrive on the need for continuous upkeep. To strengthen your process of keeping objects clean Ambrane has launched the MiniVac 01 portable cordless vacuum cleaner in India.

At 142g, this vacuum has a speed of 3200 RPM and 4000 Pa suction capability. Its muscle comes from a 70W motor and a duo of 2000mAh batteries, keeping it charged for action. Plus, it supports Type-C charging, promising a full recharge in just 3.5 hours, according to the brand.

Ambrane claims their advanced HEPA filtration system works wonders, ensuring the air around you also stays allergen-free by snagging even the tiniest particles. The vacuum comes with a variety of attachments and even flaunts an LED indicator charging cable in the box. The Ambrane MiniVac 01 comes for ₹1499.