Apple iPhone users can now pin messages and check connection health for video calls on Whatsapp

Handy it is!

WhatsApp is dropping some fresh updates for iOS users! This includes the rollout of 'pin messages' and 'check connection health for video calls.' The update is up for grabs in the App Store for folks using iPhones in India. If you're an iPhone user and haven't seen it pop up yet, it might just swing by your phone in the next few weeks, as mentioned in WhatsApp's official changelog.

The 'pin messages' feature lets you stick a message right at the top of your chats for a set period, choosing from three options – 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Plus, you're not locked in, you have the freedom to unpin the message anytime you want, even before the chosen duration runs out.

Additionally, you can also check connection health during a video call, just  long-press the tile, and voila! You'll get instant feedback on how smooth your video call connection is. WhatsApp has also brought in a new feature for voice messages—the "view once" option. Once enabled, the recipient can't go all Sherlock Holmes with the voice message. No sharing, forwarding, copying, saving, or sneaky recording allowed! It's like a one-time-only VIP pass for the recipient, keeping things exclusively between the sender and the listener for that single playback.