Apple Vision Pro may hit the shelves in January!

Countdown ticks closer?

For over six months, the Vision Pro, Apple’s debut device in the realm of ‘spatial computing,’ has been on our radar. It was initially teased at WWDC in June with an expected early-2024 release, but details remained vague. Finally, it seems we're catching a glimpse of when the Apple Vision Pro might hit the shelves—potentially as soon as January!

The buzz about the January launch date originates from Wall Street Insights, a news source catering to Chinese investors. Per a translated version of the report “Apple Vision Pro is expected to be launched in the United States on January 27, 2024.”

The report further adds, “Supply chain information shows that Sony is currently the first supplier of silicon-based OLEDs for the first-generation Vision Pro, and the second supplier is from a Chinese company, which will be the key to whether Vision Pro can expand its production capacity.”

As the rumored launch date looms just 25 days away, the anticipation builds for Apple's 'most significant new product' to hit the shelves. Stay with us for more scoop on the Vision Pro!