The Apple Watch Series 8 gets temperature sensors and better smarts

Caring for you beyond any wearable before

Slow down that heart rate, you might alert your watch! The day we have long-awaited is finally here. Apple has launched its new devices including the new Apple iPhone 14, Airpods Pro 2 and the Watch Series 8. The abilities of the Apple Watch are already pretty unparalleled and with the new features and abilities, this wrist piece is beyond anything you’ve seen before. From the unique crash detection feature to extreme insight on menstrual cycles and ovulation detection using body temperature.

Sporting a swim-proof, dust-proof, crack-resistant screen, the watch packs in a bunch of new watch faces and straps, including the Hermes collection. Running WatchOS 9, the Series 8 is pretty much just better and smarter at tracking than the predecessor. The watch even has a cellular connection with international roaming, provided your carrier is cool with it of course.

When it comes to tracking, there is little the watch can’t do. For sports, it measures your ground contact time during a run. For swimming, it is even capable of telling backstroke apart from freestyle and so on (flopping around isn't a stroke though!). So to summarize the obvious, it can track your SpO2 levels, sleep, stress, temperature, ovulation, fall detection and best of all the new crash detection. The crash detection automatically connects with emergency services and uses two new motion sensors, an improved gyroscope and an accelerometer, which monitors up to 256Gs. It can detect whether the crash is a front, side, rollover or rear-end collision. The algorithm has honed over 1 million hours of real-world driving data to perfect.

The Watch is priced starting at ₹45,900.