Apple Watch Series 9 lets you use gestures to control the watch

After all, what's in a tap? Well, a lot more than you ever thought!

Apple Watch Series 9 has a nifty trick up its sleeve and it’s called the Double Tap! Now, you can simply bring your thumb and index finger together and tap twice to take calls, hang up, launch widgets and some more. It’s very similar tech we tried with the Apple Vision Pro bound for next year.

The secret behind this double-tap trick and other features is what is said to be Apple’s most powerful watch chip yet — the custom S9 SiP powering the Apple Watch Series 9. So you can expect system-wide improvements and more new features. Its new 4-core Neural Engine processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart sensor, using a new machine learning algorithm. It can spot the super-subtle movements of your wrist and even sense changes in blood flow when you give your index finger and thumb a little double-tap.

The Neural Engine is up to twice as fast when compared with the Apple Watch Series 8 which makes Siri's dictation game 25% more accurate. Also, the power efficiency of the S9 SiP allows the Apple Watch Series 9 to maintain an 18-hour battery life.

For the first time, the Apple Watch will have on-device Siri processing as well. It means that Siri can now handle your requests right there on your watch, no need to access the Cloud. So, if you want to start a workout or set a timer, Siri doesn't have to wait for Wi-Fi or cellular signals. 

Finding their Apple iPhone has also improved. The new watch boasts a second-gen Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip, which is the same one you'll find in the iPhone 15 family. This chip powers what Apple calls "Precision Finding." This feature not only tells you how far your iPhone is but also which direction to head in. Plus, it offers visual cues, vibrations, and even sound to lead you right to your phone, even if it's playing hide-and-seek in another room. 

Apple is also bidding goodbye to leather (due to carbon footprint concerns) and introducing a new Fine Woven Strap to replace it. The Apple Watch Hermès partnership, however, isn't going anywhere; it's just getting a fancy makeover with different materials. The Apple Watch Series 9 is priced at ₹41,900. You can order now and it will be available in stores beginning Friday, September 22.