Apple Watch Ultra 2 is priced at ₹89,990

You can also control it with gestures just like the Watch Series 9

The second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra has arrived. And it's packing some upgrades compared to its one-year-old sibling. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 now comes with the double tap gesture we saw in the Apple Watch Series 9, meaning you can use hand gestures to boss your watch around. 

Just like the Watch 9, it's also got on-device Siri, so basically you can throw voice commands at it without needing to be connected to WiFi. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is also powered by the new S9 SiP chip that, as per Apple, extends the battery life, enhances the sensors for health monitoring and provides more precise GPS tracking. 

It's running on watchOS 10, which brings a bunch of new stuff like revamped apps, the fresh Smart Stack, improved cycling features, tools for outdoor adventures, and a brand-new watch face called Modular Ultra. What's neat about Modular Ultra is that it automatically switches to night mode, making it ideal for round-the-clock wear, from day to night.

Apart from the internal and material upgrades, the Ultra 2 maintains its familiar exterior look, featuring a 49mm display. It, however, sports an upgraded display architecture that cranks up the maximum brightness to 3,000 nits. That's approximately 50% brighter than the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra and, of course, should have great readability in harsh sunlight.

Just like the Series 9 (which was also revealed today), the Ultra 2 stays true to Apple's eco-friendly mission by upping the recycled materials used in the watch case and ensuring that the Ultra Watch 2 is carbon neutral. This smartwatch, tailored for folks who love the great outdoors, is crafted with recycled components. The Watch Ultra 2 becomes carbon neutral when paired with a new Trail Loop or Alpine Loop. You can get the Apple Watch Ultra 2 right now through preorders, and it's hitting the shelves on September 22. The price tag? It'll set you back ₹89,990.