Apple watchOS 9 lets you go the extra mile

Truly caring for you

Apple has previewed watchOS 9, bringing several new features and enhanced experiences to the leading wearable operating system. From helping you choose your daily aesthetic to protecting you from cardiac issues, this watch wants to do it all.
A customizable watch face enables you to pick from several options, with the latest addition of Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan and Astronomy. You can also set portraits of your pets! This update also comes with a better workout app which provides richer metrics for measuring performance, as well as new training experiences to help users reach fitness goals. 
You can also scroll between Workout Views, so you can see important metrics more easily. You can also set Heart Rate Zones, which can be manually created or automatically calculated using personalised Health data and create custom workouts.
For triathletes, the Workout app now supports a new Multisport workout type that can automatically switch between any sequence of swimming, biking, and running workouts, using motion sensors to recognise movement patterns. 
If you’re a runner the Apple Watch is planning to provide new metrics like Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation. Swimmers can now track their efficiency with a stroke count combined with the time, in seconds, it takes to swim one length of the pool. Users can view their SWOLF average for each set in the workout summary. On the sleep detection front, the new updates allow for tracking of REM, Core and Deep sleep.
The most impressive of all the features includes an AFib History feature which can identify potential signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib) and protect you from a potential stroke. The Watch also enables you to manage and track your medication intake and of your loved ones in the Health app.