Apple WWDC2024: iPad gets a calculator app with Apple-infused wizardry

i to the power of pencil

Move over, pencil and paper! Apple just dropped a game-changer for iPad users: a fricken calculator app finally! And yes, it’s as you’d expected. It’s the most Apple, Apple app ever. This isn't your average calculator – it lets you write out equations by hand and see them magically solved on the screen, all in your own handwriting! It’s called the Math Notes calculator.

Need to tackle a tricky equation for class or balance your budget? No problem. Math Notes within the Calculator app lets you assign values to variables, making it a breeze to understand new concepts or crunch real-world numbers.

Feeling more visual? Math Notes has you covered there too. Want to see that equation come to life as a graph? Just tap a button, and voila! You can even throw multiple equations onto the same graph to see how they interact with each other. Plus, all your Math Notes are automatically saved in a dedicated folder within the Notes app, keeping your work organized and easy to find.