Apple's upcoming iPad Pro to have a thinner profile and an OLED panel

Could be hitting the shelves as early as March!

The rumour mill is swirling with speculation that Apple is gearing up to unveil its latest iPad Air and iPad Pro lineup in March. Sources suggest that the iPad Pro models could see some changes in size and thickness, slimming down significantly from their predecessors. The exciting part is that the high-end tablet might (finally) sport an OLED screen.

According to 9to5Mac, the larger version of the next iPad Pro is expected to slim down by a millimetre. This change is primarily attributed to the introduction of OLED technology in the iPad Pro lineup, which requires fewer layers than the traditional LCD screens.

For reference, the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro measures 6.4mm thick, the upcoming model is rumoured to slim down to 5mm. Similarly, the current 11-inch iPad Pro, currently 5.9mm thick, is anticipated to shed a few millimetres, settling at 5.1mm.

In addition to the iPad Pro lineup, Apple is also reportedly gearing up to unveil two new iPad Air models. One of these models is expected to be a larger 12.9-inch version. Rumour also has it that this larger iPad Air variant will be nearly identical in size to the current iPad Pro.

Reports suggest that Apple is considering limiting the new OLED display technology to its Pro lineup, potentially leaving the all-new 12.9-inch iPad Air with an LCD screen. However, both the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models are expected to be powered by Apple's M3 chip technology, which made its debut last year in the updated MacBook Pro models.