Audi India’s 'Charge my Audi' is a do-it-all application to stay charged on long journeys

Making fuel a thing of the past!

Perhaps if we were kinder to the Earth, there wouldn’t be floods in Italy in the middle of May (cancelling the Grand Prix of course!). Well, we can’t change the damage that is already done but Audi is taking big steps towards making electric cars that appeal to the average car enthusiast. It’s not an easy feat, however, they have come up with a nifty solution called "Charge my Audi" on their myAudiConnect app. This little gem gives Audi e-tron owners access to multiple EV charging partners, all conveniently packed into one app. No more pesky downloads and juggling different applications!

So, how does it work? Well, with this genius app, e-tron owners can kickstart the charging process using the myAudiConnect App, all while the fancy automated identification and billing systems do their thing in the background. They've even roped in some big charging partners to join the party. Aargo EV Smart, Charge Zone, Relux Electric, LionCharge, and Zeon Charging are all part of the gang. The cherry on top of this pie? Audi e-tron owners get complimentary charging across the network until August 2023. Talk about perks!

Using the Charge my Audi app, customers can plan their driving route, find charging stations on the way, check if there's a free spot to juice up, and even start and stop charging. Oh, and did we mention they've got a single payment gateway? No more fumbling around with different payment methods. It's all in one place, making life oh-so-easy.

This move solidifies the belief that Audi is serious about electric mobility. So, if you're an Audi e-tron owner in India, get ready to charge up with style. And hey, they've got more electric models in the works, including the Audi Q8 e-tron coming your way soon, too. Do your bit if you can! Everyone is trying.