Audi’s Activesphere concept EV features AR, an invisible touchscreen and whatnot!

Last of the quartet

Move aside, Make way for the car of the future: Audi’s Activesphere, the concept EV that also marks the culmination of the brand’s sui generis sphere concept series. Before moving on to the specifications of Activesphere as a vehicle, we want to pull your attention to its high-tech autonomous chauffeuring capability. The new display and operating concept combine the physical and virtual worlds i.e mixed reality by displaying digital content in the occupants’ fields of vision in real-time.

The futuristic headsets provide a view of the real environment and the route, while simultaneously displaying 3D content and interactive elements – individually configurable for drivers and passengers. You can see control panels and other virtual displays in a tidy, minimalist design that remains hidden. Mixed reality optics gives users the ability to interact with these invisible, touch-sensitive zones, as the headsets display and carry out functions by reacting in real-time when users touch them.

The luxury coupe looks sharp and has off-roading capabilities and can also transform into a pick-up truck. The Sportback rear of the Activesphere can turn into an open cargo bed at the touch of a button so you can easily carry recreational equipment such as e-bikes or even sports gear.

It comes with no local emissions, a range of over 600 km, and extremely fast charging times courtesy of 800-volt technology, it combines sustainability, dynamics and long-distance capability. 

Another attention-worthy feature: The design. The Activeshpere concept car is 4.98 meters long with a 2.97 meters wheelbase. It has 22-inch wheels, enhanced ground clearance and a dynamic roof arch giving the car a look of a sports car. Glass surfaces make up a significant part of the vehicle’s body, and the front end of the Activesphere features the brand face, the Singleframe. There are glass surfaces on the side in the lower door area for when the Activesphere is in off-road mode.