BenQ's LH730 is a high-brightness 4LED Projector

The future sure looks bright!

Seems to be quite a day for projectors and on such a day, how can you forget about BenQ? The brand which is nearly synonymous with projectors in India has just introduced the LH730, a high-brightness 4LED projector. It has a 4000 ANSI Lumens 4LED light source with an additional green LED, which makes it brighter than a 3LED light source projector by 8-12%. It has a 98% Rec. 709 colour saturation, making it an excellent choice for large meeting rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, and hospitality industry events.

The LH730 utilizes DLP Technology to produce great contrast levels of 500,000:1, which results in deep blacks, vibrant colours, and subtle details. Additionally, the LH730 comes with HDMI 2.0 ports and 4K HDR/HLG compatibility, allowing users to view 4K HDR content. The LH730 also offers wireless scalability, allowing users to present content wirelessly from any mobile device, and is compatible with BenQ's EZCast Wireless Dongle for Full HD multimedia content projection from up to four devices simultaneously. The projector features two-dimensional keystone correction, a 1.2x Zoom Ratio, and corner fit, making installation flexible. The LH730 also supports digital shrinking and shifting for screen size adjustment and projection alignment. 

Finally, the LH730 is easily integrated into existing corporate networks with compatibility for PJ-Link, Creston, AMX, and Control 4 control systems. The projector is ideal for those who want to switch from traditional lamp-based projection solutions to LED-based projection solutions. BenQ plans to shift completely to solid-state light sources (LED & Laser) for projectors within the next two years.

The LH730 offers up to 30,000 hours of light source life, which means you won't need to replace lamps and it consumes much less power than a lamp or a laser light source-based projector. LH730 also allows wireless scalability, making it easy to present content wirelessly from any mobile device.

The LH730 from BenQ is an excellent choice if you want a bright, colourful, and long-lasting projector.