Biofoot fixes your foot with feet pics…

Don’t under… stand?

You’re walking wrong so it's time to take a stand. Biofoot in Colaba, Mumbai is India’s first custom foot solution brand. It’s an offspring of the Metro Brands and caters for providing the right footwear and accessories for everyone. What truly makes Biofoot a unique place is the integration of technology and science to understand your foot and the troublesome walking patterns and habits you may have. Everyone, but more specifically people with flat feet and feet and knee aches, will have a physiotherapist and a product specialist right at the store for help.

There are a total of three scanners which can scan your feet and understand how much pressure you’re applying in which parts of your foot. A single scanner can give you a proper analysis of your walking and standing pressure and accordingly recommend appropriate pre-made insoles to balance out any issues with your walking style. 

You can also get a 3D scan of your feet and have an insole 3D printed and designed for your exact measurements. This insole can either be fitted into your regular shoes or you can have custom footwear made by Biofoot as well. You can also have insoles made for your specific needs. Say, a marathon runner can get custom-made insoles for their running shoe or a businessman can get better insoles for their formal shoes. The services extend to providing diabetic socks and solutions for other foot-related ailments. There’s even a medical pedicure for calluses, corns, ingrown toenails and so on.

You can book an appointment here from the website or walk in. It located in Colaba and you can find the exact location here. Biofoot says that this is the first of its kind store in India and soon it will expand to other parts of the country.