Canon EOS R1 is the first flagship model for EOS R System

Expected to launch later this year!

Canon has revealed plans to develop the EOS R1, a full-frame mirrorless camera that will serve as the flagship model for the EOS R system with RF mounts. Expected to hit the shelves in 2024, the EOS R1 is geared towards professionals, promising big upgrades for both photos and videos.

The camera employs the brand-new image processor DIGIC Accelerator and the trusty DIGIC X, teaming up with a fresh CMOS sensor. With this combo, Canon says, it could zip through large volumes of data, levelling up Auto Focus (AF) and other features. 

Canon's Deep Learning tech, paired with the new image processing system, is expected to hit the sweet spot with high-speed and super-accurate subject recognition. This means it can keep tabs on moving targets, even in chaotic scenes like packed sports arenas. The AF "Action Priority" function identifies moving subjects and automatically locks onto the main action in fast-paced scenarios. 

Canon has also added image noise reduction as a camera function, which enhances image quality and boosts user creativity. The company plans to conduct field tests for the EOS R1, ensuring it can capture the impactful moments at upcoming international sporting events.