Canon PowerShot V10 is a pocketable flip video camera

Say goodbye to wonky videos and hello to sassy footage!

Canon has just dropped its latest and first dedicated vlogging camera, the PowerShot V10. The video-centric device has a compact form factor, it's slim, can easily fit in your pocket and weighs just 211g. So if you earn your bread and butter saying ‘Hi friends’ and are tired of that bulky camera that weighs as much as a small child, this sassy new device by Canon is here to replace that.

It has the brand’s EOS imaging technology that allows the PowerShot V10 to produce low-noise footage with vivid colours, even if you're filming in a dimly lit cave! With a truckload of shooting modes and 14 colour filters, you can make your footage pop. And there are 14 aspect ratio markers so that your videos can be properly framed, even if you're editing them for all your SNS followers to see!

The camera features a 1in CMOS sensor that records up to 4K/30p and HD up to 60p in 8-bit. Plus, its digital stabilization feature makes your footage stable. It can be used for taking still pictures. You can also experiment with different camera angles using the tilt-type screen to see and adjust high and low-angle shots.

But here's the real kicker, this baby supports real-time sharing. You can live stream your adventures directly from the camera with the Camera Connect app. Or, if you're feeling a little more old school, you can use the PowerShot V10 as a plug-and-play webcam via the USB-C connection! The Canon PowerShot V10 is priced at ₹39,995.