Casio’s first ‘Full Metal’ G-Shock series is high on looks

Will this timepiece stand the test of time?

Like to keep yourself ‘in time’ as well as ‘in style’? Casio’s newest addition to G-Shock luxury 2100 line up — The GM-B2100 may come into use. More importantly you don’t even have to break the bank for it.

Priced between ₹32,995 - ₹39,995, this is Casio’s first full-metal G-Shock series, all the watches in this latest series have octagonal bezels, mineral glass and screw-back case. The bands look quite solid and sport a dimpled design. There are three colour variants – silver, copper and dark gray (the latter caught my eye.)

These Casio timepieces have mirror-like finishing that, according to the brand, is achieved using a three-step surface-finishing technique resulting in a distinct 3-dimensional appearance on the bezels. The 3-D look is continued on the dial with indexes and inner-dials. Well looks-wise, this series is decent but we still have to see if it’s all art and no substance, right?

A rather interesting feature in this watch is the fine-resin between the bezel and inner-case for shock absorption, this feature makes the GM-B2100 watches good for rugged use and enhances the score on the toughness front. 

They come with built-in smartphone link functions via the G-SHOCK Connected app so you can easily connect these watches to a smartphone for functions like calendar reminder, unique phone finder, automatic time updates and simple watch setting.