CoMica CVM-V30 PRO and CVM-VM10II microphones are tailored for content creators

Shotgun microphones for DSLRs and smartphones

CoMica’s latest, the CVM-V30 PRO and CVM-VM10II, are aimed right at content creators out there! The microphones promise to enhance the clarity of your recordings whether you're using a DSLR camera or a smartphone. The CVM-VM10II offers directional sound pickup to capture your voice. On the other hand, the CVM-V30 PRO is an active directional microphone with adjustable sensitivity options, giving you more control over your recordings.

The CoMica CVM-VM10II is compatible with a wide range of devices, including cameras, camcorders, laptops, tablets, and action cameras. It has a 3.5mm audio cable for connectivity. It is made of 100% aluminium and comes equipped with a professional shock-absorption stand, which as per the brand reduces unwanted vibrations and noise. The microphone's Cardioid Polar Pattern is designed to enhance off-axis rejection. The package includes essential accessories such as a windscreen, wind muff, cold shoe mount, shock mount, two audio cables (TRS/TRRS), and a carrying case.

The CoMica CVM-V30 PRO comes with low-cut filter function and 10dB sensitivity adjustment toggles. In noisy environments, you can switch to low-cut mode to filter out unwanted background noise, while the sensitivity adjustment lets you tune your audio levels between -38dB and -28dB for clarity. The brand says its shock-resistant design ensures that your recordings are clean and free from unwanted disturbances and the off-axis rejection feature enhances audio quality by focusing on the desired sound source. This microphone is compatible with all cameras featuring a TRS 3.5mm mic input and is powered by 2x AAA batteries. The CoMica CVM-V30 Pro comes in Red and Black for a price of ₹5990, and the CVM-VM10II comes in Black colour for ₹3,590.