Computex 2024: MEG Vision X AI is a gaming PC featuring an AI touchscreen

Ever thought you would need a touchscreen on your gaming tower?

Amidst the bustling atmosphere of Computex 2024, MSI has unveiled a range of technologies, particularly geared towards gaming PC enthusiasts. Among them is the MEG Vision X AI, a flagship gaming PC featuring what is said to be the world's first AI-powered "Human Machine Interface”.

The MEG Vision X AI comes with a touchscreen interface on the front panel called the AI HMI. This interface provides direct access to the PC's built-in AI capabilities, basically enhancing user interaction and creating a more intuitive experience.

MSI claims that MEG Vision X AI PC can host a local AI chatbot, thanks to its proprietary AI engine. This lets you engage in conversations with the chatbot, assigning tasks such as generating images and text, or summarising documents. Additionally, the Microsoft Copilot voice control feature enables you to wake up the chatbot and issue search commands simply by saying "Hey Copilot," with responses delivered directly through the built-in speaker.

As per the brand, the MEG Vision X AI offers several local AI functionalities, eliminating the need for an internet connection. These include real-time cooling adjustments to suit your requirements, Nvidia Broadcast for optimal live streaming or meeting experiences, and other standard PC tasks.

Best of all, this setup shouldn't impact gaming performance. MSI claims that the PC is configured to allocate touchscreen operations to the CPU, allowing the GPU to concentrate on delivering the game or application to the monitor. However, MSI has yet to disclose further details about the internal hardware but rest assured, we'll keep you updated as soon as we receive more information.