CyberPowerPC gaming rigs and configurators are now available in India

Good news gamers!

California-based gaming PC company CyberPowerPC has made its grand entrance into the Indian market with CyberPowerPC India, a joint venture between the parent company and Indian firm Creative Newtech. This move also marks the company's inaugural venture into Asia. CyberPowerPC has announced plans to unveil its range of gaming rigs and gaming configurators in India, promising to bring a new level of power and performance to gamers across the country.

Established in 1998, CyberPowerPC has been a trailblazer in the gaming industry, providing a wide array of prebuilt gaming PCs, gaming laptops, and an intuitive online configurator. It offers top-of-the-line GPUs and CPUs from renowned brands, alongside its own Tracer series of gaming laptops. CyberPowerPC systems are designed for seamless compatibility across different components and platforms, ensuring a hassle-free configuration process. Each system undergoes testing to meet the highest performance standards, with FPS specs verified through UL Solutions. Additionally, at present, all CyberPowerPC systems come pre-installed with Windows 11, guaranteeing a premium, uninterrupted gaming experience right out of the box.