DailyObjects Pangea Collection has bags made of recycled plastic bottles

For the love of the environment!

By now we hope our readers are cognizant of our profound love for all things sustainable and eco-friendly. We stand by and personally love all initiatives that have the health of the planet at their core. One such is DailyObjects’ new Pangea range of bags made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

As per the brand, plastic waste has been transformed into a durable range of bags. Each of these bags is upcycled from up to 4 to 18 PET bottles, depending on the size of the bag.

DailyObjects has also initiated an ad campaign featuring the Pangea Collection. The ad film features the journey of discarded plastic bottles getting turned into a range of eco-friendly bags. Pangea, meaning “all the earth”, draws consumers' attention towards the beauty and fragility of the planet. The film also features the new generation embracing eco-conscious lifestyle changes to form a deeper connection with the world around them, initiating a kind of personal exchange and connection with the planet.