Deathloop is now free for PC with Amazon Prime!

If at first you don’t succeed… Die, die again. IYKYK

Amazon Prime's December lineup of freebies is taking it up a notch with the acclaimed first-person shooter game, Deathloop. Ya, you heard it right! One of the top games from 2021 is up for grabs, totally free, but only for a limited time. All you need is your Amazon Prime membership to score this deal. It's there as a free download until January 10, 2024. And the best part? Once you get the game and add it to your library then it's yours to keep and play whenever you fancy.

To get Deathloop for free through Amazon Prime Gaming, head over to the Prime Gaming website and sign in using your Amazon Prime credentials. Once logged in, hunt for the Deathloop listing and hit that 'Get Game' button. Prime Gaming will prompt you to link your Epic Games account for redeeming the game.

Simply follow the steps to link your accounts, and voila! Deathloop will be added to your Epic Games library without any additional costs. And when you’re ready to dive in, fire up the Epic Games Launcher on your PC, and you're all set to download and play the game at your leisure. Happy gaming!