Dell Alienware finally launched its famed QD OLED monitors in India

Faster than the faster monitor you know

After teasing every year at CES, the Alienware OLED monitors finally make their way to India. We’re getting the top-shelf QD-OLED variants here. The Alienware 32 (AW3225QF) is the first 4K QD-OLED gaming monitor with Dolby Vision HDR, while its sibling, the Alienware 27 QD-OLED gaming monitor supports a whopping 360Hz refresh rate. Both these displays will surely break the bank but depending on whether you stick to Xbox Series X’s Dolby Vision or dabble in competitive shooting, there’s a choice in the OLED monitor range now.

The Alienware 32 is a curved 4K QD-OLED display with a 240Hz refresh rate and 1000nits of peak brightness. It will also have vibrant colours and deep blacks thanks to Dolby Vision HDR support. Dolby Vision HDR is something even the similarly priced Samsung Odyssey G8 OLED lacked. For top dollar, it’s also packing HDMI 2.1 FRL (Fixed Rate Link) which might easily make it better than the mini-HDMI port of the Samsung. There’s also Nvidia G-Sync and VESA AdaptiveSync.

Meanwhile, the Alienware 27 gets a rapid 360Hz native refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, VESA AdaptiveSync, and VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400 for smoother motion and precision. Both monitors feature a 0.03ms grey-to-grey response time, guaranteeing smooth gameplay free from motion blur and ghosting.

In addition to their impressive specs, both monitors prioritize sustainability, with 85% PCR plastic construction and 100% recycled aluminium stands. Even the packaging gets an eco-friendly makeover, with recycled cardboard boxes and ocean-bound plastic handles.

The Alienware 32 4K QD-OLED will set you back a wallet-walloping ₹1,29,999 meanwhile the the Alienware 27 is a cool ₹99,999 only… and now available in India of course.