Denon’s new PerL wireless earbuds create a bespoke audio experience

Make your eardrums do a happy dance

Denon’s new PerL wireless earbuds don't just settle for a casual acquaintance with your ears, they dive right in for a full-on, up-close-and-personal relationship. It's no joke, the earbuds actually serve up personalised audio profiles tailored exclusively for your ears.

The wireless earbuds bring technological wizardry straight from the labs of their parent company, Masimo. With their "Adaptive Acoustic Technology" (AAT), these earbuds take personalization to a whole new level. How do they do it, you ask? Masimo's AAT feature measures your hearing. It delves deep into your auditory world, detecting those subtle otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) that reveal how sensitive your ears are to specific frequencies. Denon's PerL app, powered by smart AI, takes those OAE measurements and works its magic. It analyses and interprets the data, tweaking the sound output to fit your ears.

Powered by 10mm dynamic drivers, PerL delivers a frequency range spanning from 20Hz all the way up to 40kHz. Plus, with the PerL buds, you can groove to your favourite tunes for a solid eight hours on a single charge. And guess what? The party doesn't have to stop there. Pop them back in their charging case, and you've got an additional 24 hours of battery life. And Denon says just 10 minutes of charging will give you a full hour of blissful listening. Talk about efficiency!

The PerL buds support active noise-cancelling and are IPX4 water-resistant, so a splash here or there won't dampen your audio experience. Denon also made a Pro model for the PerL, they sport a snazzy metallic ring around the bud for an extra touch of style and have also stepped up their game in the technology department. With Bluetooth 5.3, you can expect even more reliable connections and improved wireless performance. Plus, you’ll get the magic of Qualcomm's aptX Lossless and aptX Voice, ensuring top-notch audio quality and crystal-clear calls.

Denon's new earbuds are now available in the US! The standard PerL buds are priced at $199 (around ₹16,300), while the Pro model can be yours for $349 (around ₹28,600).