Ditch the iron, embrace the steam, Xiaomi has a new Garment Steamer

Full steam ahead

Ironing? So last season. Xiaomi's new Handheld Garment Steamer is here to banish wrinkles with ease, making it your new BFF for effortless garment care. Don't let its 775-gram weight fool you – it folds up compactly, transforming into a travel-friendly hero. No more rummaging for an iron in hotel rooms – toss this guy in your suitcase and conquer creases wherever you roam.

The thermostatic aluminium ironing plate distributes heat evenly and it heats up in a mere 26 seconds so you don’t have to wait around impatiently. But it gets better. This steamer offers two modes: steam and dry ironing. The steam mode, with a rate of 16–24 g/min, delivers a thorough steam to banish wrinkles. But if you just need a quick touch-up, the dry ironing mode lets you smooth things out without the steam. Perfect for shaping dry clothes, drying damp garments, or simply erasing a rogue wrinkle.

Xiaomi knows convenience is key. The 160ml water tank is removable with a simple twist, making refills a breeze. Plus, the intuitive design allows for easy one-handed operation. Just make sure to feed it 1300W of power. It can be yours for ₹2,299.