DJI Osmo Action 4 comes with a larger sensor and better stabilisation

Ready for some action?

DJI just dropped the Osmo Action 4, less than a year after the launch of the Action 3. It stepped up its camera game this time with a larger 1/1.3-inch sensor in comparison to the Action 3's 1/1.7-inch sensor.

The new sensor combined with the f/2.8 aperture and 155-degree ultra-wide lens (similar to that of Action 3) allows the camera to capture more light. The Action 4 can shoot footage in 10-bit 3D Log M, which means it has a higher dynamic range and provides more flexibility for colour correction during editing. The Action 4 also supports a larger 512GB microSD card, so you can store those potentially massive video files without any worries.

However, despite the Action 4 having a larger sensor than the Action 3's, both models are still limited to capturing 4K footage at a maximum of 120 frames per second. So, while the larger sensor may improve low-light performance and overall image quality, the maximum frame rate for 4K videos remains the same in both models.

Looks-wise also the Action 4 remains identical to the Action 3. You'll find the record button on the top and the power button on the side, just like before. The battery compartment and micro SD slot are located on the right side, while the USB-C port is on the left when you look at it from the front.

The battery used in the Action 4 is the same 1770 mWh model as in the previous version, providing approximately 150 minutes of recording time. DJI says it only takes around 18 minutes of charging time to reach 80 per cent battery capacity. However, it's essential to have a microSD card since the Action 4 doesn't come with internal storage.

The Action 4 comes with the latest version of DJI's stabilization tech, Rocksteady 3.0, which is capable of eliminating camera shake in all directions, even when shooting at the maximum 4K/60fps. It also supports Rocksteady 3.0+, providing exceptional shake reduction even in challenging shooting conditions. On top of that, the Action 4 introduces HorizonSteady, a feature that keeps the horizon level regardless of how much you rotate the camera, though it's available up to a maximum resolution of 2.7K. Additionally, they've added HorizonBalancing, which can correct tilt horizontally within ±45°. This allows for stable recording even at 4K/60fps resolution.

The action camera also comes with improved waterproofing, making it submersible up to 18 meters, which is an upgrade from the Action 3's 16 meters. This enhancement allows you to take the camera even deeper underwater without worrying about any water damage.

Now since the body of the Action 4 remains the same as the previous model, you can continue using the accessories you already have, including the diving case. The price is, however, not the same as the Action 3, the new cam comes at $399 (around ₹33,000), $70 more than the Osmo Action 3.