DJI’s first-ever Amflow PL e-MTB features a two-inch OLED touchscreen display

Expanding into e-bikes with Avinox drive system

DJI has ventured into electric bikes with its new Avinox drive system and Amflow e-bike brand. Their debut model, the carbon fibre Amflow PL electric mountain bike, is set to hit the trails by the end of the year.

Nestled within its frame, the bike showcases a two-inch colour OLED touchscreen display. Paired with the Avinox app, it connects wirelessly to track all your riding metrics. Equipped with a built-in alarm system, the bike alerts you instantly in emergencies and provides real-time location updates via the app for added peace of mind.

The DJI Amflow PL e-bike comes with four pedal-assist modes, including an intelligent auto mode that dynamically adjusts power based on terrain. It also features practical amenities like a USB charging port for your devices, a premium Fox full suspension system for smooth rides, and a frame that accommodates both 27.5-inch and 29-inch rear wheels. 

The Amflow PL e-bike features 120Nm of maximum torque and a 1000W on-demand boost for conquering even the toughest climbs. Its mid-drive motor operates at 250W, peaking at 850W when needed. DJI highlights that its 800Wh removable battery charges from zero to 75 per cent in just 1.5 hours using the Amflow 2A/508W GaN charger. 
Weighing 19.2kg, this e-bike achieves its lightweight profile thanks to a 2.27kg carbon fibre frame and a 2.52kg Avinox drive system. The DJI Amflow PLE is expected to retail between €7000 (approximately ₹6,28,920) and €12000 (approximately ₹10,78,155).