Dropset 3 is Adidas' latest strength training shoes

Adidas' mission to combat gym intimidation!

Adidas has unveiled its latest workout shoe, the Dropset 3, specifically designed to address a prevalent issue faced by gym-goers — improper footwear during strength training.

The launch comes with a backdrop of a recent Adidas study revealing that seven out of ten gym enthusiasts unknowingly sabotage their workouts with improper footwear. To address this, Adidas has teamed up with sports physical therapist Leada Malek, PT, DPT, aiming to set a new benchmark in fitness footwear.

The Dropset 3 is Adidas' latest strength training shoe. It features a 6mm low midsole drop height designed to ensure even weight distribution and optimal force transfer from foot to ground, promoting proper alignment and stability. Adidas says the shoe's TRAXION rubber outsole delivers excellent grip to prevent slipping, while an integrated airflow window and knitted mesh upper keep feet cool and comfortable. Starting today, the Dropset 3 can be purchased for ₹12,999.