Dyson CleanTrace is an AR tool that ensures no spot is missed when you’re cleaning thy humble abode

It's cleaning, but make it high-tech!

The ‘have-I-cleaned-there-yet’ quandary is just as prevalent as the cleaning task itself. Dyson has tackled this issue with Dyson CleanTrace, an Augmented Reality (AR) tool. It helps you clean more systematically by showing real-time AR visualisations of the areas you've cleaned and those you may have missed.

The Dyson CleanTrace uses LiDAR tech from your phone to map your room and overlays cleaning pathways using AR, showing you where you've cleaned (and where you haven't). When you’ve finished cleaning, you can scan the room with your phone to ensure no crumb or dust bunny is left behind. Dyson is gearing up to launch the new CleanTrace tool with an update to the MyDyson app. Initially, it will hit selected global markets in June, with plans to expand to other international markets, including India, shortly after.