Elista brings budget desert coolers to help you beat the heat

One way to survive the summer!

It’s no surprise that temperatures are skyrocketing this month. While stewing in the heat or sticking your head in the freezer are always cheap options, Elista has introduced a range of budget desert coolers. With a large capacity of 90L, the two models – the Desert Snow Monk and Aurora Cool Elista Desert Snow Monk and Aurora Cool function at 1350 rpm with a heavy-duty motor of 100W. 

Equipped with a top frame made with toughened glass and an extra-large honeycomb cooling pad for better cooling, the coolers have a large blower and a long air throw of 35 feet. Since heat tends to attract all kinds of bugs, these coolers have mosquito and dust filter nets for fresher and cleaner air. The desert coolers are also energy efficient and consume just 230 watts of power.

The Desert Snow Monk variant is available in a White and Grey colourway, while the Desert Aurora Cool is available in a White and Blue colourway combination. Best of all, these desert coolers don’t cost much more than an average fan, priced at ₹7,899.