Fairphone Fairbuds XL are modular headphones from the eco-conscious

Call yourself Bob the Builder…

With all this sustainability talk making waves, Fairphone has arrived to champion of sustainable tech and be the saviour of clumsy gadget owners once again! Introducing their latest invention: the Fairbuds XL modular headphones, the ultimate fix-it-yourself audio experience that'll have you jamming and repairing simultaneously.

These headphones are not your ordinary ear adornments. They're a feat of engineering marvels. Especially for those audiophiles who are butterfingered or simply just unable to keep machines together. This is no longer a weakness. Instead of trashing entire gadgets for one part, you can simply replace the worn-out bits. It's like Legos for your audiophile heart!

Yes, Fairphone as a brand is much like a tree-hugging, veggie-munching, recycling enthusiast on Earth Day. Naturally, the Fairbuds XL are thus made from recycled plastic, polyester, nylon, and aluminium, with a touch of Fairtrade gold on the inside. 

But how do they sound, you ask? The Fairbuds XL boast 40mm dynamic drivers. These modular wonders come with all the bells and whistles you love, like active noise cancellation to block out your neighbour's dreadful karaoke sessions, Bluetooth connectivity and different audio modes to suit your every mood.

You don't need to fret about the battery dying on you for good. It's replaceable! You'll get up to 30 hours of listening pleasure, depending on how much you enjoy shutting out the world. Plus, they're water and dust resistant, because when you are living on the edge life happens, spills occur, and dancing in the rain is a legitimate hobby.

The Fairbuds XL are available in speckled green or speckled black, ensuring you'll look snazzy while saving the planet. All this audio goodness can be yours for the small price of £219 (₹22,000 approx.), with spare parts priced around the range of ₹2000-₹3000. Who says going green can't be a treat for your ears?