Final Fantasy XVI set to release on June 22nd

Check out the gameplay footage!

Square Enix, the makers of the wildly popular Final Fantasy series, recently gave gamers a sneak peek of their latest standalone title, Final Fantasy XVI. In the PlayStation State of Play broadcast, the developers showcased some interesting gameplay and RPG elements that players can expect when the game releases exclusively for PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.

So what's the game about, you ask? Well, it's set in a dark fantasy world where the fate of the land is decided by powerful creatures called Eikons and the Dominants who control them. You play as Clive Rosfield, a brave warrior who's sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Phoenix. Sounds like a real family affair, doesn't it?

You can now hang out in the Hideaway, Clive's home base, and chat up with historian Harpocrates to learn all about the world of Valisthea. If you're feeling particularly nerdy, you can also creep on the character relationship chart by chatting with military scholar Vivian. To level up your skills, you can also go to 'Arete Stone' in the Hideaway to battle it out in training mode. It's like going to the gym, but for your video game characters. If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can check out the Wanted Posters to hunt down some powerful monsters and earn sweet rewards.

Last but not least, get ready for some epic battle scenes featuring Clive and his Eikon enemies. Watch as he unleashes some seriously cool combat moves and puts those monsters in their place. So get pumped, Final Fantasy fans, because this game is about to take you on one wild ride!

In addition to the new gameplay footage, Square Enix also announced that they've recruited popular Japanese singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu to sing the game's theme song, titled "Tsuki Wo Miteita – Moongazing." So, if you're a fan of catchy tunes and epic RPG battles, this game might just be the perfect match for you.

All in all, Final Fantasy XVI looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty epic adventure. So mark your calendars and get ready to battle some Eikons with your trusty sword and shield. Or, you know, just sit back and watch Clive do all the work. Also, our review should be out around the time as well so be sure to check back.