Forza Motorsport is launching features to help visually impaired gamers

Exciting inclusion

Turn 10 Studios’ Forza is one of the classics for any gamer. The series has just hit the 18-year mark and is still growing. Known for its impressive graphics and incredible realism, the games feature a wide selection of cars and tracks, ranging from classic muscle cars to supercars. You can take them anywhere, be it a racing circuit or those fictional country roads. 

Forza games offer a very realistic racing experience for players of all skill levels, but now they are expanding to help people with all kinds of abilities. The game will now include audio cues in-game, to help blind people experience the joys of racing.

This threefold plan to help the visually impaired enjoy Forza includes features such as Blind Driving Assists. This feature will guide the player through audio prompts, via the new blind driver assistance system. Through these voice commands, players can adjust their car’s position, direction and turning and slow down or change gears when required. Another feature is One Touch Driving. This allows players the option to choose their own combination of enabling braking, steering, and throttle assists to reduce the amount of coordination and number of simultaneous inputs required. These driving assists will allow users to customize their driving experience and play with as few or as many assists as they wish.

Lastly, there is a screen narrator which enables players access to a narrator to receive information conveyed through the UI and to help navigate menus. In addition, there will be options for players to customize the narration system as they choose which provides them with the flexibility to choose what information is conveyed.

These features will definitely create more avenues for visually challenged players in the video gaming industry. It is definitely a step forward in terms of inclusivity and accessibility. 

But that’s not all, Forza Motorsport is also promising to provide an immersive experience for all players with all the tracks being redesigned, more realistic car damage and several other perks to make the game more enjoyable for all. 

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