The Nürburgring GP Circuit comes to Forza Motorsport

Pedal to the Metal

Turn 10 Studios has unveiled a bouquet of exciting updates for the upcoming release of Forza Motorsport. The game is set to launch on October 10, featuring the iconic Nürburgring GP circuit. To avoid stagnancy Turn 10 commits to monthly post-launch content updates, with the legendary Nordschleife track scheduled to arrive in Spring 2024.

Forza Motorsport has been optimized to harness the power of cutting-edge PC hardware, ensuring an immersive experience for a diverse range of players. Cross-platform play will enable seamless racing between Xbox Series X|S and Steam, with shared progression and achievement unlocks, giving you a more competitive gaming community.

The introduction of the Builders Cup, a single-player career mode, adds a new angle to the gameplay. Players will engage in high-speed races at the Mugello Circuit, showcasing a lineup of your reliable German sedans.

For those restless souls, you can now pre-order Forza Motorsport from the Microsoft Store and Steam. Those who choose to purchase the Premium Edition will enjoy early access from October 5, 2023.