Fujifilm Instax Pal is a palm-sized digital camera that comes bundled with a smartphone printer

A cute accessory, you said?

Fujifilm has unveiled a delightful surprise for the little adventurers in your life. Meet the Instax Pal digital camera. It's a palm-sized, round camera that radiates a sense of fun.

It's loaded with features that let you get creative – from crafting your very own shutter sounds to slapping on filters, text, and in-app stickers. Plus, its compact size is tailor-made for little hands, ensuring a comfy grip. The camera, however, doesn't churn out physical photos and doesn't come with a built-in viewfinder. Instead, it works hand-in-hand with a companion app. You capture your shots with the camera and send these images to the app. You can then print these snapshots using the included Instax Mini Link 2 smartphone printer.

With this camera, kids can pick and choose which photos they want to bring to life in print. It's actually a feature that parents would absolutely love, as it helps little photographers steer clear of using up pricey film on less-than-perfect shots.

The Instax Pal's design is pretty straightforward. With only a power button adorning the top, it keeps things clean and intuitive. On the back, there's a shutter button designed for easy clicking whether you're capturing your friends' antics or striking a pose for that perfect selfie.

You can trigger the shutter remotely using the app, and there's support for interval shooting. You can snap away, capturing 3, 6, 11, or 21 continuous images with just a three-second gap in between each shot. There's also a flash to illuminate your subjects. Plus, it comes with a detachable ring that moonlights as a finger strap or a handy camera stand. Fujifilm is keeping the lens and sensor specs under wraps as of now, and the resolution of the digital photos is also still a secret waiting to be revealed.

The Instax Pal is priced for ₹10,999 and comes in five colours — Gem Black, Powder Pink, Pistachio Green, Lavender Blue and Milky White.