Garmin Approach S70 series smartwatches are equipped with on-the-course tools for golfers

Want shots that are on point every single time?

Garmin launched its Approach S70 series with a promise to make your golf game a hole-in-one extravaganza! Now we can't say this smartwatch will revolutionise your game and take you from zero to pro in no time but it can prove helpful with its golf-specific features.

There is a Comprehensive CourseView map feature with over 43,000 preloaded courses so you'll have access to intricate detail of the course. You can pan and zoom or get a bird's-eye view of each hole. Then, the Improved Virtual Caddie. This feature takes into account shot dispersion data, historical swing data, elevation and wind to offer up the most accurate club suggestions.

The Enhanced PlaysLike Distance feature takes into consideration uphill or downhill lies, wind, temperature, and even air pressure to offer you an analytical estimate. The estimate will help you visualise how your shot will play out, so you can adjust your strategy. With AutoShot round analyzer you can pair the watch with the Approach CT10 club tracking sensors and you'll unlock a new level of game-tracking capabilities. This duo can detect putts and chips automatically, making it easier to analyse your performance and improve your score.

Speaking of scores, the Scorekeeper feature tracks your round score hole-by-hole, and when you're done, it also uploads it to the Garmin Golf app for in-depth stat tracking and even handicap calculation.

After all this, Garmin says the Approach S70 series is not just about golf; it's about your overall fitness too. With preloaded activity profiles and customised training plans, you can optimise your workouts and become a lean, mean golfing machine.

And with the Garmin Connect app, you'll have access to a plethora of exercises and be able to track metrics like heart rate, energy levels, and even your sleep patterns. Plus, with music streaming right on your wrist, you can groove instead of golfing, who cares?

The Approach S70 series, Garmin says, boasts a battery life of up to 16 days and when you're out on the course, utilising GPS, the Approach S70 can still accompany you for up to 20 hours. The Garmin Approach S70 series comes with options for a 1.2in or 1.4in AMOLED display for a starting price of ₹72,990.