Garmin Instinct Crossover Series is a rugged watch for adventurers that offers up to 70 days of battery life

Go wherever the sun takes you!

One of our favourite smart-watch brands is here with the latest Adventure watches in the form of the Garmin Instinct Crossover and Instinct Crossover Solar. Launched in India starting at ₹55,999, the watches will be available for purchase online on various e-commerce platforms and Garmin Stores, so get prepared to add this premium watch to your collection. 

With advanced auto-calibration, Super-Lumi Nova coated analogue hands and a chapter ring on the dial under a digital display, the Instinct Crossover watches claim to deliver accurate timekeeping even during strenuous activities. The more pricey Instinct Crossover Solar includes both a battery saver mode and solar charging. In solar charging mode, it is said to provide up to 70 days of battery life. The Instinct Crossover i.e the base model, without solar charging, can provide nearly a month's battery life in smartwatch mode and more than 110 hours in GPS mode.

The two watches, which have a thermal and shock-resistant build and a scratch-free lens, can track and store health-related data. These include a sleep score courtesy of the advanced sleep monitoring technology and other key health metrics like stress, oxygen levels, and heart rate. The

Instinct Crossover delivers notifications received on the connected device to users on the go. Furthermore, the watch interface and content categorization can be customised to meet individual needs via the Garmin Connect app and Connect IQ store.

GPS tracking, satellite connectivity (multi-GNSS), Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass (ABC sensors) are among the features offered by smartwatches. There is also TracBack routing, which assists users in returning to their starting point during an adventure sport or hiking trip, and a Reference Point feature, which allows users to keep track of a known location within their current location.