Gentle Monster Eyewear x Overwatch 2 collaborate to bring sunglasses with exclusive redemption codes

Play in style!

Collecting the perfect attire for your cosplay collection can be quite a task at times. An interesting fusion of style and virtual reality has appeared on the scene as Gentle Monster Eyewear and Overwatch 2 collaborate to create something new. To coincide with the launch of Overwatch 2: Invasion, this collaboration aims to blur the lines between the real world and the gaming universe.

Central to this collaboration is the 'Gentle Tokki Package,' featuring tinted sunglasses named 'Tokki' and exclusive in-game skins. Drawing inspiration from the popular Overwatch 2 character, D.Va, these sunglasses reimagine her distinctive headgear through the lens of Gentle Monster's design language.

Available in two colour options, the package is presented in a specially designed box reminiscent of D.Va's mech, Tokki. Complementing this package is a soft case that incorporates elements from the mechanical structure of Tokki. Furthermore, an attachable D.Va figure accompanies the eyewear, enhancing the immersive experience.

An added dimension to this collaboration is the inclusion of an exclusive redemption code within each package. This code grants access to unlock special Gentle Tokki D.Va skins and other in-game items, adding a virtual layer to the real-world eyewear. The Gentle Tokki skin will be accessible for a limited period within Overwatch 2, commencing today.