Google Pixel 6 series get 5G support in India

About to get faster, fasten your seatbelt

Google seems to be feeling munificent and open-handed as just days after the Pixel feature drop, its extending 5G support is now available for Pixel 6 series users in India.

Reports suggest that the update comes after months of testing and feedback gathering, ensuring that the quality and usability are up to snuff.  There's a brand new 5G option that's been enabled by default along with the option of LTE and 3G but let's be real, who wants to go back to those dark ages?

To update just head to Settings > System > System Update. And once you've installed the latest update, you can manually enable 5G on your Pixel phone. Google will also prompt you to improve your device's experience by scanning for Wi-Fi networks at any time.  If you're rocking a Pixel 5 or 4a and wondering what about these, we’re sorry Google's 5G availability page doesn't mention them as of now so you might have to upgrade if you want to join the 5G party.