Google Wallet app lets you store boarding passes, loyalty cards, movie tickets and more

Now, launched in India!

Right after Pixel 8a, Google Wallet has made its debut in India. For the unversed, the app offers a digital wallet solution for quick, secure, and convenient access to various everyday essentials. From loyalty cards to boarding passes and event tickets et cetera, Google Wallet acts as a central hub for organising and managing digital documents.

Google has teamed up with more than 20 renowned brands, such as PVR, INOX, Air India, Indigo, Flipkart, Pine Labs, Kochi Metro, and Abhibus. These partnerships guarantee Android users access to a wide array of services and offerings within the Google Wallet ecosystem.

Google has also collaborated with system integrators such as Wavelynx and Alert Enterprise so you can store and manage corporate badges within the Wallet app too. Additionally, you can convert physical documents into digital assets by scanning barcodes or QR codes to create digital passes within the Wallet. However, It's important to note that Google Wallet does not support payments within the app in the country yet.