Hohem's iSteady XE is a budget compact gimbal to improve your videography

Time to become an influencer

Has the state of your finances got your hands shaking too much to take a steady video? Fear not, our dear friend, for Hohem has got your back! They've just launched their new and improved 3-Axis Handheld Pocket Gimbal, the iSteady XE and kit, that promises to stabilise your videos better than your morning coffee. Let's be real, who doesn't need a little stability in their life?

This gimbal is so small and compact weighing just 282g, so you can carry it in your pocket without having to worry about developing a hernia. It comes with a longer battery life of about 8 hours. The iSteady XE also has AI-powered tracking for humans, pets, and objects, so you'll never miss your furry friend doing something adorable ever again. And if you're feeling extra fancy, you can switch between landscape and portrait mode with just one button. 

If you're someone who struggles with technology, fear not, our dear little Luddite. The iSteady XE is designed for beginners, so even you can create professional-grade content without having to read a 300-page manual. Plus, the Joy App will make sure your videos are so good, you might just get a call from Steven Spielberg himself.

Go get your hands on the Hohem iSteady XE and make your videos stable and your life a little less shaky. If you're feeling extra fancy, splurge on the kit that comes with a rechargeable magnetic Fill Light, because who doesn't need a little extra light in their life? 

The iSteady XE is priced at ₹6,990, which includes a protective carry case, a tripod, and a Type-C cable while the iSteady XE Kit is priced at ₹7,990, which includes a rechargeable magnetic Fill Light.